Hemp Oil & Gold Anti-Aging

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A special and innovative premium Anti-Aging formula enriched with cannabis – Hemp Oil, produced from cannabis seeds – Cannabis Sativa. The oil has a unique composition and contains high concentration of EFA, Omega 3 and 6 acids and proteins and vitamins, in combination with minerals of the Dead Sea, one of the magical wonders of nature in the world, which is located in the deepest place in the world, at the depth of – 417 m under the sea level. 


The solar radiation in this area is the lowest in the world, and there are mud and salt deposits enriched with more than 27 minerals and vitamins, including magnesium, zinc and potassium known to help to treat skin diseases, skin restoration and regeneration. 


The new anti-aging formula contains gold powder known for its virtues thousands of years ago, when Cleopatra of Egypt used precious metal as a cosmetic source to provide shine and radiance to the skin of the face. The formula also contains active ingredients and antioxidants that help to treat pigmentation and collagen responsible for volume and cell preservation. It provides energy and multivitamins essential for cell nutrition, hyaluronic acid responsible for cell fibers, oils from plant extracts for intensive moisturizing. Combination of all of these ingredients together creates the revolutionary, innovative and advanced anti-aging series that fights skin aging and free radicals, helps to purify the skin, improves cellular metabolism and strengthens its regeneration ability. 


The unique formula of the anti-aging series Shemen Amour moisturizes and makes the skin elastic, young and radiant and provides fresh appearance leaving the skin soft, pleasant and naturally tightened.