Dead Sea Mud

DEAD SEA MUD (Black Mud)
Good Reasons to be warped with black mud...
It fights dandruff and pimples, conceal the cellulite, smooth the skin and gives it bright appearance and all of this from the lowest place in the world!

The winter is a great reason to go to the Dead Sea and not only because of the sun. Its a good opportunity to get the body a complete treatment: massage the hair, clean the face, take care of the cellulite and go home healthy & shine!

You don't have time to travel? No problem!
We can bring the Healing Dead Sea Mud to your home. In the market there are many kinds of  mud - black, brown and white. If you prefer the natural black mud onto the cosmetic products, make sure you use the mud which is suitable for facial skin, it is not aggressive to the skin.

Healing black Dead sea mud

What can you do with the black mud? 


From age 30 the life becomes difficult to the facial skin. The exposure to the sun and other damaged materials accelerates the aging process, and make the skin seems tired, dry and lifeless. In 40 age begin to appear more and more wrinkles. At age 50 gravity starts working and not just on the apple, the skin becomes loose and it causes deep wrinkles.

When you massage the skin with mud, you get gentle peeling which acts in some ways:
The mud is enriched with Sulfur (and it causes the tang). The Sulfur melts the top layer of the skin and helps the regeneration of the cells. The high salt concentration absorbs the liquids and causes rise the top layers skin, and the Clay Soil (An important group of Minerals) gently polishes the skin and helps remove the dead cells. The result: Skin seems tense and the porosity shrink.


The problem of dandruff increases in the winter, when the process of dropping dead cells from the scalp becomes quick. That is the time to use the mud. Clay Soil absorbs the fats and dirts and leaves the scalp clean.  The mud also contains Manganese - A Mineral which helps increase the blood flow. It can prevent hair loss and help better growth of hair.


Almost 70% of teens suffer from Acne. The reason of it is a Hormonal changes that causes Mammary gland doesn't work well. It secrets too much Sebum and this makes the Acne.

The cosmetic industry likes to boast  of the good muds' influance on the Acne. There are few reasons for it: The high concentration of salt gives the mud antibacterial effect. It helps protect the skin from bacteria. When black mud touches bacteria, it delays their development. The Sulfur and other minerals dries the pimples. The Clay Soil works as a osmotic pump, and absorbs a lot of dirts, purulent discharge and fats from skin. These features were exploited to develope Acne products which doesn't contain mud but has its minerals.


The daily life reveal us to many pollutants: From air, from food, from people and medicines. All of this cause a great accumulation of toxins in the body. The skin has to turn out the toxins but its too much for him. The result: The toxins are not turned out and on the top layers of the skin accumulatives Curtin (a kind of protein). This causes the skin seems tired, rough and lifeless.

In the spa centers there is a solution! They warp the body with warm mud and close well with a plastic bag. They add a blanket to warm more. The mud absorbs fats and dirts, and it works completely because of the heating. The heating also helps the minerals absorb in the body completly. In the end of treatment the body emerges out from the cover smooth skin, soft as silk.

Dermatologists deny the idea that mud can drain toxins, but they all agree its ideal to use as an indulgence...... 

Healing Black Mud from Dead Sea